I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Florida and a Mommy Consultant. I have a passion to help moms mindfully navigate their wellness and self-care without neglecting their kids.

I offer therapy, mindset coaching and consultation to help you connect with yourself and who you want to be as a mom.

My clients often say they are surprised on how quick their life can change and relief they have after their first meeting.

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Consulting Services?

After 20 years of working with children as a therapist, I began to see a pattern in the moms and those in the helping professions I worked with, they were unsure how to handle the emotional and behavioral needs of others and manage their daily life at the same time. Furthermore, they were unsure how to work on what matters most to them without the mommy guilt.  When I was able to combine my expertise and knowledge in behavioral issues of children with improving wellness, my clients and their family began to flourish and see a major shift in their generational patterns. My consulting services are for those that identify as moms and those in the helping professions so they can navigate their daily lives and become clear on what matters most to them with clear and personalized actions plans.


Mommy Consultation Call

Are you a mom of a little on and unsure on how to put your wellness needs first? Sometimes we don’t even know where to start in our wellness journey. Schedule a consultation call to understand what you need to focus on as a mom without neglecting your little ones. We create a clear mommy menu for you to stay focused on your  values and priorities as a mom.

Mommy Therapist Consultation Call

Are you a mom that is a therapist? I have almost a decade of experience working in the field of mental health. I have worked in settings such as community health, schools, inpatient settings, and private practice. If you are unsure of how to navigate your career as a mom & a therapist, schedule a consultation call.  These calls are for graduate students to experienced therapists.

Free Mommy Community

Snatchback Mommies is a free community of mommies who want to begin to put their needs first without neglecting their kids. Let’s melt that mommy guilt away. Our community has fun and engaging posts and lives to help you snatch your JOY and IDENTITY back from our society that tells you to put everyone else first.


Michelle is an excellent listener and overall communicator. I had so many therapists on and off for years and all they could do was identify things going on with me, as opposed to working with me weekly with homework to fix them. If you want to truly take the reigns back over your life from whatever may have stolen it, become a client. It will be the best decision you ever made hands down. 10/10 would recommend.”

CT- Mommy Coaching Clent 

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