About ME

“I found myself on the bathroom floor

when my daughter was a few months old and

I knew something needed to change.”

– Michelle Kais, LMFT


I have 20 years of experience with working with children with behavioral disorders. I have worked in school settings, inpatient settings and eating disorders. My Masters is in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Central Florida. 

I am also EMDR trained which allows my clients to be able to understand how their emotions affect their core beliefs. Often we are carry burdens from past generations and need to heal. 



For several years, I have worked in various settings as a therapist. I currently see therapy clients only within the state of Florida. This training has allowed me to have clear insight on the appropriate route parents need to take to live their most fulfilling life. I use a mindful approach to understand what is happening within you and your home. 


I love being a mommy, though I love it more when I feel fulfilled. When my daughter was a few months old, I found myself crying on the bathroom floor and took myself right to therapy. Yes, a therapist going to therapy. My therapist talked to me about giving myself permission to rest, relax and take care of me. From that moment on, I began a mission to make sure other moms understood what they need to give permission for. 

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