What Clients Are Saying about Michelle Kais, LMFT

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Ms. Kais is attentive, thoughtful, encouraging and comforting. My personal growth is noticeable to everyone around me, but most importantly to myself. Having personal assignments catered to needs was my favorite part of working with her. AMAZING!!” – BN

“Don’t be afraid. Make the call. Just do it. You won’t regret it.” -AR 


Michelle takes an entirely new approach to parent coaching by recognizing that as moms, WE need to prioritize our needs and take care of our energy in order to be the best moms to our children. For any mom who is looking for non-judgmental support, Michelle is amazing!” – MK

“My call helped me to clarify my focus and remember my why for my creative goal. Thank You!!” – TT


“Michelle is an excellent listener and overall communicator. I had so many therapists on and off for years and all they could do was identify things going on with me, as opposed to working with me weekly with homework to fix them. If you want to truly take the reigns back over your life from whatever may have stolen it, become a client. It will be the best decision you ever made hands down. 10/10 would recommend” – CT

“I went to Michelle because I was having some personal and marital issues. Michelle listened to me without passing judgement and gave me the tools I needed to manage my anxiety and OCD. She also helped me be more in tune with my emotions and understand how past experiences had influenced me. I am incredibly thankful for Michelle and the judgement-free environment she created, which helped me open up and work through the things that were affecting me. I highly recommend Michelle if you are going through a difficult time or there are things from your past that you need to work through to be more at peace with yourself.” – IC

Our family worked with Michelle during one of the hardest periods of our lives.  Of all of the many therapists we have worked with over the years, Michelle was the professional who most helped lead us to a place of real growth.  Her caring and level-headed therapeutic style helped us feel comfortable opening up and digging in to the issues.  We left our work with Michelle feeling confident for the first time in a long time that we had gained the skills to continue our growth.  We feel incredibly thankful to have worked with her.” – RB 

“Thank you for helping me change my life and to look at things differently.” – RF 

“Thank you for a fun morning with moms. You are a wonderful presenter.” – SG Mommy Brunch and Learn 2023 attendee

“It’s like professional development work for moms. Love it.” – EA Mommy Brunch and Learn 2023 attendee

“Loved it and loved the handout. Wasn’t sure what to expect, and the handout/worksheet to follow along was great. Also a tool I can go back to and reflect on!” – JG Mommy Brunch and Learn 2023 attendee