What I Was DOING Wrong as A MOm

When I became a mom, I wanted to get everything right, though I did not realize that I was doing so many things that hindered my personal growth and as well as my child’s emotional growth. 



I was on the bathroom floor crying as I did not know why I could not do my job as a mom. I could succeed in other areas of my life, though being a mom which is something I dreamed of seemed to make me feel like I was failing. I got up from the floor in 2017 and I began to take back my life.  I began to see that other moms were dealing with the same issues, so I created a consulting business around moms and those in the helping professions so they can put their wellness needs first. 


Realizing that what we say as moms carry on to our kids.

Portioning out time

Noticing how much time we give as moms to things that frankly do not matter 

Setting Intentions

The dark cloud begins to lift when we commit to having a clear intention and purpose on why we are doing behaviors. 

The light bulb

The moment when my clients realize they have been doing mommy hood based off of what they were told.


Working with me provides the missing puzzle piece to live a productive and fruitful like for the mom and their kids. 


The Mommy Consulting Process 


The first step is to set clear Intentions about what is best for to be the mom you want to be. There are so many visions of what a mom should be and I want you to define this for yourself. I help to guide you to have more confidence and clarity about the mom you want to be. 


This next step is strategizing the road that you want to take as a mom. We develop a plan that is catered to your needs. Some moms want to focus on behavioral strategies for their children and/or how to incorporate their personal goals as a mom. I walk you through this process to come up with a strategy. 


This is the last step in the process. After the discovery and strategy call, you will be given a 1-2 page action plan to follow from our calls. I will provide you with tools to maintain your motivation to achieve your action plan goals.